Come and see where your ancestors lived and your Scottish Ancestry comes alive!

Scots have settled in Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Argentine and almost everywhere else in the world. Many descendants come back to see where their forebears lived.

Scottish Family histories can be traced through the Scotland’s People website. This database is open to everyone – a good way of tracing your Scottish ancestors.

The following are some examples of what Scotland Tours and Golf have arranged

Case Study 1

We took clients to the west of Scotland but eventually we could only say “The Glen is over that ridge and there is no way in but walking!!”They did walk over and then we took them to the Parish Church where they saw family graveyards.

Case study 2

Another family from Texas visited relations in Northern Ireland and then their native areas on the Mull of Kintyre, in West Scotland (I still have the Stetson to prove it).

Other clients have gone to Huntingtower Castle near Perth and to industrial Lanarkshire and some only have a family name so we show them the most likely areas. All have been pleased to be able to visualise the land from whence their families sprung.

The more information you have on your family, the more specific we can be and we can call on experts to help. If you know where your ancestors came from Scotland Tours and Golf  will arrange for you to visit, either by hiring a car or having a chauffeur driven vehicle. Many churches (or Kirks) have a list of the names of people buried in their churchyards and it is quite possible to arrange to see the graves.

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