Scotland Tours and Golf will

  • Discuss what you would like to do
  • Suggest  an initial itinerary 
  • Recommend a local business to make all the arrangements


We suggest itineraries to suit the time you have available and the way you are travelling.

Car Rental

Scotland is not a big country, andrenting a car gives you freedom and flexibility. Glasgow and Edinburgh are very busy but away from there, driving can be a joy.

Driver/ Courier

For a more relaxing tour Scotland Tours and Golf will arrange a driver/courier who will talk you through Scotland. Throw in some golf clubs and some can have a game whilst others see the sights.


All hotel, Guest House or private house Bed and Breakfast accommodation will be arranged to suit your needs

Your own special tour

Travel for scenery, golf, history, activity, wildlife or any other type of tour – part day, day, or longer.